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Nordedata OÜ - Flex/AIR © software development company

Nordedata OÜ was established in 2006. Our main project at that time was Estonian salary reserach portal. Since then we have realized that our team has capabilities and will to take on all kinds of IT projects.

For the past 4 years we have been developing Desktop applications and online solutions for customers all around the world. We have learned and utilized some new and exciting technologies including Adobe © AIR ©, which allows us to implement desktop applications quickly and easily.

What should customers know about Flex/AIR ©?

Adobe © AIR © is a platform that allows to install and run Flash player applications on your computer. The great thing about it is that it runs exactly the same way on Mac as it does on Windows machines. Installing AIR © on your computer is simple, you simply click 'Install now' button on the installation badge, the program will check if you have AIR © installed and if you don't it performs installation automatically before. After that using programs based on AIR © platform is exactly the same as you are using any other software on your computer.

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